Configuring a Station (“Configure Me”)

If your CurvesSmart Success coach is reading “configure me” you will need to configure the station. Here are some easy steps on how to go about configuring or re-configuring the station. REMEMBER– This will not effect the workout data.

1.) From the desktop, double click to open ‘MYTRAK Setup and Diagnostic’

 2.) Click on “ADD A STATION”

3.) Select the station you wish to add and click “NEXT”.

4.) If you get a message that says “The station has already been added. Do you want to

add a second station?” Click “YES”

 5.) From the Dropdown menu, select the type of cylinder used on that particular station. It is VERY

important you select the correct cylinder. If you are unfamiliar with the cylinder types – Contact

Ecological Services.

Click ‘NEXT’

6.) Place any ACTIVE ID Tag into the Kiosk Tag Reader slot.

After a few beeps it will prompt for you to “Go and scan the tag on the station”

 7.) When you insert the tag into the Success Coach, the light will illuminate and the reps section will read;

“CFG “, the station number, name of the station and then “Configure Complete”.

Once “Configure Complete” is shown in the reps section, return to the kiosk and re-insert the ID Tag.





Congratulations! You have successfully configured a station.

Select “Add Another Station” if there are more stations to configure or select “FINISH” if complete.

Also remember to reset the power to that station by pressing the black RESET button on the interface box,

or unplugging and re-plugging the black power cable to the interface box.

Not sure if you have Curves Smart 1 upgrade or Curves Smart 2?

Curves Smart system types:

CurvesSmart One upgrade — Technical Name: (CurvesSmart 1 generation 2)
CurvesSmart two– Technical Name: (CurvesSmart 2 generation 2)

Identity Power adapter:

The easiest way to determine what type of CurvesSmart you have is to first find out what type of power your system is running.  Curves Smart 1 upgrade runs on nine volts. This requires a AC/DC adapter. The adapter should look like the Figure below. The adapter plugs directly into the outlet or Surge protector.

If your adapter does not look like this then you most likely have a CurvesSmart 2 generation 2 system. CurvesSmart 2  requires AC/AC parts only, such as; AC adapter, AC power link, AC interface box, and AC success coach. All AC parts are labeled as CurvesSmart 2.

AC-DC Adaptor








How many machines should be plugged Per DC adapter?

Curves Smart 1 upgrade should have no more than three stations (machines) operating. The stepper requires all of the DC adapters power; therefore this station must be isolated.


How many machines should be plugged Per AC adapter?

CurvesSmart 2 can have up-to 8 stations per AC adapter.


NOTE: If the number of machines plugged in exceeds the maximum amount, there will be a power drop which can cause the equipment to function improperly or short-out.

Keep your CurvesSmart Reflectors from breaking! Important tips that will keep your workout data accurate

Reflector image low ress

Reflectors are simple; yet, they play an integral part in the CurvesSmart system functioning properly and reading accurately. When a reflector is broken or un-aligned you may experience any one of the following problems related to: range of motion (ROM), Getting Green, High PI, Low PI, and/or false calorie readings.

Why do some of your reflectors seem like they break more often?

Leg Press, Leg Curl, Glute and Squat—do any of these machines ring a bell? If so, click here and learn what you can do to prevent this problem.

4 things to do to prevent workout data problems:

1)      Check your alignment. Find out how to align sensor and reflector—download a handout for your club by clicking here.

2)      Replace rubber linings (as necessary). First, make sure you are using the correct rubber linings—click here to verify if you are using the correct rubber linings and if they need replacing.

3)      Reflector Protector—not sure what this is?  Take a look!

4)      Assure that all reflector backs are installed correctly. Reflector installation Instructions are not included in your CurvesSmart user manual; therefore, over 80% of clubs are installing reflector backs incorrectly from day ONE. Call us for quick and convenient assistance (888) 483-7881.


ATTENTION!!!  2 reasons why NOT to use METAL reflectors.  

Before we understand why not to use metal reflectors, we need to understand how sensors work. Briefly, one sensor eye puts out a voltage (beam), the reflector reflects that voltage (beam) back to the sensor. The greater the distance from the reflector to the sensor the weaker the voltage (beam) becomes. By measuring the voltage drop, the sensor is capable of reading your range of motion (ROM). The METAL reflector’s surface is not as reflective, thus, causing false readings.

1)      Metal reflector’s surface is not as reflective as plastic.

2)      Metal reflectors are made from sheet metal, which bends/warps. Once a metal reflector is bent it will not be straight again, we see major problems with metal reflectors because of this.


New reflector backs available Click here

Metal Reflectors


If you are experiencing problems with a specific machine, check to see    if your reflector is metal. If so, then replace with plastic.

Discovery Trekking Machine Covers for The Circuit

DTO logo


All washable covers for the Curves Circuit are custom-made. Made by Discovery Trekking, these covers will fit snugly around each machine’s pads while protecting and prolonging the life of the machine. The covers renew the look of the circuit as they are made from a unique commercial-grade abrasion-resistant fabric. This unique fabric contains silver, which has been used safely, for centuries to kill bacteria. In early modern times, silver coins were used to preserve milk. Today, silver is commonly used in hospitals and high quality textile products to enhance hygiene. This highly effective anti-microbial is permanently bonded to the fabric. It prevents odor-causing bacterial growth and is completely safe next-to-skin.

The covers can be wiped down to remove surface dirt yet easily removed for washing. These covers are an excellent value as they reduce vinyl cracking and prevent hard foam pads from chipping, which can be unsightly and uncomfortable for members.

Machine wash in warm or cool water, machine dry.




  • Durable – Long lasting abrasion resistant fabric prolongs the life of pads.


  • Washable – Wipe with plain water daily to remove surface dirt, and machine wash as required for optimal cleanliness.


  • Soft – Feels comfortable against skin (members love them).




  • Kills GermsSilver Plus enhances the fabric, keeping your circuit cleaner and healthier even between washings.
  • Economical – Less costly than purchasing new pads, keeps your circuit looking just as good. Silver Plus  covers can be washed at cooler temperatures and still cleaned effectively, saving you energy and money.



See all covers –>  Click here

Glossary – Curves Smart



HR: Heart Rate is often abbreviated to the letters HR. HR will now be measured for all members on the Stepper utilizing the hand sensors.


ID Tag: The member Identification Tag issued at CurvesSmart enrollment. Members place this Tag on the Success Coach at each exercise station and Kiosk Reader when updating their profile and reviewing workout results.


Kiosk: Members’ exercise results, the administrative computer and monitor are housed at the Kiosk.


Performance Index (PI): Determines the effort required to activate the green lights. This is determined through a unique combination of personalized equations and data collected from each workout. The PI scale runs between 1 (lowest intensity) and 1000 (highest intensity).


Reflector:  These are flat, white, plastic collars that attach to the cylinder shaft on each piece of equipment and bounce a signal from the sensor indicating motion on the machine.


ROM: Range of Motion measures the maximum and minimum distance the member performs on each piece of equipment relative to the machine’s movement capacity.


1RM (Repetitions Maximum): This is a simple test done on each piece of equipment before the first workout to assist in establishing the member’s PI or exercise targets (3 repetitions for ROM and 3 repetitions for power).


Sensors: These attach to the body of the hydraulic cylinder on each piece of equipment and send an invisible signal to the reflector to measure exercise activity.


Success Coach (SC): Mini-computers that mount directly on to each piece of equipment. The SC monitors vital equipment function while closely tracking heart rate response to exertion. The data is processed and compared to the unique goals programmed for the member.


ID Tag Reader: Attaches to the Kiosk computer; reads workout results, loads new workout profile and activates Kiosk results.


How to Backup Database – Curves Smart

Backup The Database

Backup Curves Smart Database
Backup Curves Smart Database












A window will open with a Backup Database button and a Restore Database button.  By selecting the Backup Database button, it will open a directory to select where the Database will be saved.













Select the device, and/or directory where the backup will be saved. An external drive will usually have a drive letter designation of E:\. Saving the database to C: or D: is not useful.


The file name will be automatically set to CurvesDB + the date and time it is being saved. Next, click Save. Depending on the number of members, this may take up to a couple of minutes to complete.

Restore The Database


**The Restore Function should only be used after a fatal computer crash or similar catastrophe.  Be aware that this function overwrites the existing Database. Overwriting the existing database will permanently erase member workout data.



Setup Email – Curves Smart

Member Email function

The CurvesSmart system can be setup to email the Progress Report directly to a member.

Each time a members measurements are due (once per month) and they scan-in at the Club, the system will automatically email the Report to the member.

The member must have a valid email address in their Member Profile. Use the Member:Setup:Modify option to add an email address into the member profile.

To set up your system to send emails you will need a valid email service provider and the CurvesSmart PC must be connected to the provider (normally over the internet). Please note that email services are not provided by Curves or Mytrak.

To setup the system you will need some information about your email account and service provider:

  • Email Address
  • SMTP Server e.g.
  • Port Number (this is normally 25, but may be different for your provider)
  • Your Email account username and password
  • If your server requires authentication


Please Note: Mytrak Technical Support cannot help you with this information. If you need help then please contact your email service provider.


1. Open the CurvesSmart menu and select the Settings option








2. To enable the email check the option:

Inform members by email when measurements are due?

3. From: This is the email address you use.

4. Subject: The text you wish to appear in the message Subject

5. Message: A short message that appears in the body of the email


















6. When the information is completed, it is a good idea to test it to see if it works. Press the    button. This will send this message to your email address. You should be able to see this message in your inbox (it may take several minutes for the message to be delivered, depending on how fast your email provider’s service works).


If you get the message then the setup is OK.


If you do not get the message, then follow these troubleshooting steps.

  • Check that the CurvesSmart PC is connected to the internet (a good test is to launch Internet Explorer and see if you can get a web page up).
  • Make sure your Username and Password is correct.
  • Check the information with your service provider.
  • Check your anti-virus program settings to make sure it is not blocking emails or port 25.
  • If you use a Router or Ethernet Switch for connecting more than one computer to the internet, it may also be blocking email access on port 25.
  • Call your local computer technician service to have your system checked.


7. Press OK to complete the setup.


Points System – Curves Smart

Points System

A member points system has been implemented.  Points are calculated in the Admin program in the member’s program settings pop-up box. Click on the Recalculate button. This calculates all the points scored by a member and displays the number in the My Points data box.


Curves Smart Point System
Curves Smart Point System


Points are based on both a member’s workout data and achievement of PI targets and her tracked measures. Points for a member’s body measurement will depend on the data that is entered in the Measures section. Body Measurements are calculated by comparing the most recent measure to the previous measure.


  • Make sure that a member’s first set of data is complete. This acts as an important starting point. If this is not done, a member who has already seen an improvement through a change in her measures will not get a points reward.
  • Any measure that is zero is not counted and will result in a member not being rewarded points for the current measure. It also means that the next measure will also not be counted.
  • Check that the information is correct so that points are awarded for positive and real achievements.

Points are awarded as follows:

Accomplishment Points Awarded
Each day a member has worked out 100
Each workout where a member exceeds her global PI target 175
Each workout where a member’s Body Balance has only green dots  50
Each 1″ lost in body measures (scales points for fractions of an inch lost) 150
Blood pressure is measured in the  range (between 90/60 and 140/90, making sure the difference between Systolic and Diastolic is within acceptable limits) 50
Each 1% of body fat lost (based on body fat analyzer measurement) 125
Each 1 lb of weight lost 175


Introduction to CurvesSmart

Instant Feedback …Instant Results …GO FOR GREEN®

CurvesSmart technology attaches to your existing Curves equipment, adding intelligence and interactivity to the Curves circuit.

The Technology

Members on the CurvesSmart system receive instant feedback while exercising on any CurvesSmart fitted exercise machine. CurvesSmart ensures that members maintain an exertion level that is safe and guarantees maximum benefits based on their unique body signature. By tracking heart rate, speed of movement and repetitions, CurvesSmart provides members immediate feedback including: when to speed up, when to slow down, when to hesitate, what they’re succeeding at, what needs improvement and when they’re ready to progress.  CurvesSmart challenges members by automatically adjusting their workout intensity, and helping them accomplish their personal health and weight management goals.

Overview of a Workout

Once a member has been entered into the CurvesSmart system, a CurvesSmart ID Tag is assigned. Now she is ready to do her 1RM (Repetitions Maximum) and ROM (Range of Motion) tests. A Performance Index(PI) number representing her intensity level is established for each machine. This is determined through a unique combination of personalized equations and data collected from each workout and 1RM test results. As the member moves to each exercise station, she inserts her ID Tag into the tag holder on each Success Coach (SC) automatically activating the system. Instantly the SC retrieves her profile from her ID Tag and downloads a unique set of exercise instructions to the Success Coach. As she exercises, her physical effort is compared to the pre-established Performance Index value. All members will measure Heart Rate (HR) at the Stepper.  A wireless HR chest strap monitor is also available if the member prefers this option.


The Stepper – Heart Rate Reading

The Stepper

The Stepper is considered a recovery station and is not included in the 1RM testing procedure or reported on the workout screen of the Kiosk.

The PI is still tracked for the Stepper, so that Calories burned by the member are included in their overall Calorie count.

The Stepper measures a member’s heart rate (HR), either with the Contact Heart Rate grips or from a wearable chest strap. When a HR is detected it will display in the Data Display Window of the Success Coach. The Cardio light will also display the HR training zone of the member.

  • YELLOW light shows they are training below their ideal HR zone
  • GREEN shows they are in their training zone
  • RED show they are training above their zone

The actual HR zone in beats per minute is shown on the members Measures and Program Settings screens.

It is not recommended that a member start their Circuit on the Stepper as it will not be a true reflection of the HR during a full workout.  We recommend starting at least 3 to 5 machines before the Stepper or any machine after the Stepper to get a HR that reflects the member’s HR while exercising.

Success Coach Heart Rate

If the member is wearing a heart rate belt the Success Coach may also pick up her heart rate and display it during exercise, along with the corresponding cardio light color.

Note on Heart Rate Measurement:

Version II systems:  while wearing a Polar Chest Strap, a heart rate measurement will be read wirelessly on the Stepper Success Coach and may be read on the strength station Success Coaches.

Version I Upgrade systems:  while wearing a Polar Chest Strap, heart rate will be measured wirelessly on the Stepper Success Coach as normal.

This only affects members wearing a Polar Chest Strap during the workout

Hesitation Method

If at any time a member’s heart rate at the Stepper or an exercise station (detected if wearing a HR belt) is greater than her ideal HR training zone, the Hesitation Method will be applied.

The heart rate training zone is 50% to 80% of her heart rate maximum (or another value as set in the measures section). The Hesitation Method applies a 3 second delay before the start of an exercise on the 3 machines following the one where the heart rate is measured as being high. For every 1% her heart rate is above the 80% level, 1 second will be added to the time delay, to a maximum of 10 seconds.

When a member inserts her ID Tag, the Energy and Cardio lights will stay Yellow while the delay is counted down. For example a 3 second delay will be displayed as a 3, 2, 1 and then “GO”. Both the Cardio and Energy lights will then turn Green to indicate that she can start working out again. As soon as movement is detected, then the Success Coach behaves as normal.

If the member is wearing a Heart Rate Belt and the SC measures that the heart rate has fallen below the maximum, then the hesitation method will be cancelled on the following stations. If the Heart Rate is still high, then the Hesitation will continue until the members heart rate is back to normal.